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Dr. Keith To
Inhouse Training Programs

We do not train, we develop people!
We do not help you, we help you to help more people!

Hiring Dr. Keith To as Your Speaker and Trainer for Your Next Staff Development Program!


I think you must at least know a bit of me, or you will not go to this webpage. So, I am not going to "sell" myself here!

If you want a speaker with concrete business experience, I can be one of your choices. I worked from being a frontline manager to members of senior management and general manager of several well-known corporations since 1986.

In the past few years, I mainly focuses on research and promotion of several different personal and business development mechanisms, like Coaching, Facilitation, Systemic Thinking and Developmental Dynamics. Over several thousands of people have gained insights from my programs.

Due to my tight schedule, I only do 1 to 2 training programs to my clients each year. In the past years, I have delivered training to many organizations, part of the list includes:

Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce
The Rotary
Asian Resources Ltd
Ming Pao
Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
Hong Kong Productivity Council
China Chain Store Association
Sun Yat-Sen University
Lingnan University

Hong Kong Management Development Centre
VABC Group
AXA Insurance
Manualife Insurance
Prudential Insurance
Methodist Church
Ageas Insurance

Apart from very few exceptions, I always insist only to be hired by the participants of my current and previous public programs. This ensures the hiring organization really understands my unusual training style and my competency level. This is the best way to ensure that you get what you want.

My fee structure is not a secret. I charges HK$10,000 per hour for in-house training program. I never negotiate with my fee. If you think it is too much or too little, simply don't hire me. However, if you are a charity organization, I am more than happy to offer free of charge training.

You can email me to arrange further discussion about how I can serve you better. But I never do sales presentation. We can always discuss. I can even provide free training for you to try before making decision. But I never do sales presentation.

I always assure your 100% satisfaction. You can pay after completion of the training program. If you are not satisfied, don't pay me anything!

Email me at for enquiry and visit My Website to get more free personal and business development information.

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